My “Urban Dictionary”

When I say….I mean…

Pre-B ALL – Precursor B Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia

DS – Down Syndrome

WNL – Within Normal Limits

ANC – Absolute Neutrophil Count (Measure of how compromised the immune system is… During chemo the goal is between 500 – 1500.  0 is not somewhere we want to be for long periods of time)

WBC – White Blood Cell

CBC – Complete Blood Count

CMP – Complete Metabolic Panel

HG – Hemoglobin

DX – diagnosis

TX – treatment

LTM – Long term maintenance

OT – Off treatment

LP – Spinal

CK – Cancer Kid

Various types of chemotherapy:

MTX – Methotrexate

6MP – Mercaptopurine

Dex – steroids…Dexamethasone

VCR – Vincristin

And the winner:

MOMCOLOGIST – Cancer mom

And my new personal favorite:

WTAFF? – what the actual flying **** …remember what I said about ducks.  This avoids the issue altogether.






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